Petamitta,Chittoor (AP-517124)


We have  beautifully built campus which is close to the nature and away from pollution has  spacious rooms with fans, lights, sufficient ventilation and adequate furniture. The Vidyalayam rooms are so designed to recreate the aesthetic living conditions as at home and to make learning a pleasant and joyous experience.

This great soil has given birth to a generous and gentleman meant for magnanimity and humanity who is none other than Dr. Galla  Ramachandra Naidu Garu. To repay his gratitude and after realization of the need of his birth place he established this institutions in the memory of his Parents Late. Sri. Galla Gangulu Naidu Garu and Smt. Galla  Mangamma Garu and named after them. This institution was inaugurated on 27th June 2001 by the golden hands of Dr. Rama devi his beloved daughter.      

Aims and objectives:

Why ChooSE

Our School

  1. Certified Instructors
  2. child-first curriculum
  3. full range of classes
  4. tutoring
  5. high student test scores 
  6. kid camp


1. To provide good and qualitative education.
2. To bring out the hidden potentiality of the tender, talented buds of the rural and spread the fragrance of the knowledge.
3. To develop self-confidence and leadership qualities among children to face the global challenges.
4. To provide bright future by giving right education



Mangal Vidyalayam

                                 Wonder. Learn. Grow.